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Astrology Symbols Learn the symbols used in astrology. Houses Learn what the 12 Houses of astrology are.

An Introduction to Astrology for Beginners

Planets Learn what each planet brings to astrology. Zodiac Signs Learn the 12 zodiac signs of astrology, and their general characteristics. Aspects Learn about astrology aspects and orbs. How to Read your own Birthchart Learn how to interpret the planets in signs and houses of your birthcart, incorporate the house rulers and important aspects. Relationship Astrology - Introduction The benefit of astrology is that it reveals your unique and true love styles, love needs, and love preferences.

Before Compatibility - Your Capacity to Relate Learn to check each birth chart separately to determine what their own needs are. Compatibility: Smooth Energy Flow Learn what astrology compatibility means in a relationship. Synastry Intro: What is Synastry? Learn how synastry is an art and a science.

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An introduction to synastry. Synastry part 1: Elements and Energy Deeper Into Synastry: Learn why you see eye-to-eye with some people, but not others. Synastry part 3: Synastry Aspects Deeper Into Synastry: The aspects from one birth chart to another show how the two individuals get along. What Are Transits? Will it be a financial re-set? A political shift to the extreme? This topic is suitable for any audience. Email Larry at Larimar hotmail.

Women are trending upward! The 21 st century archetype for woman advancing is not Ceres — but Haumea! Discovered in , this dwarf planet with two moons is orbiting just outside of Pluto is trying to be heard! Ignore the rumors and fake news of her insignificance — join Larry on a fascinating hour of delineations and hundreds of proofs as to what this planet means and foretells! Much more than showing us what happens when we ignore Mother Nature, planets beyond Neptune change us forever.

Aquamoonlight Astrology - Astrology for all - Beginners and Advanced Astrology

Her stick, the Makalei integrity will attract fish abundance and thwart those who deceive or steal. This lecture is suitable for any audience. Too many astrologers neglect the minor aspects. The Septile and Novile are gifts from the stars in their mathematics — but again, nearly unheard of. Add the Quintile, Septile and Novile to your repertoire of knowledgeable tools. Learn 12 major harmonics in a dynamic workshop that will change forever how you read astrology charts.

Examples and insights available from a collection of celebrity and client charts. This technical topic is available for Email me at Larimar hotmail. You may have thought the works of Stephen Covey, David Allen and Ken Blanchard were the last word in time management, but many 21st century executives are still overwhelmed.

What if you could master the art of timing by simply observing and focusing on natural planetary cycles? This exciting topic has been presented to general and astrological audiences in San Diego and Casper during Well, what if you could apply that with astrology? Dwarf Planets are a new classification that represents our latest step in evolution by bringing us an awareness of the Law of Attraction.

Take a moment to summarize how you currently feel about You can utilize the powerful Law of Attraction to read astrology charts in a whole new way!! This topic is available for Book Larry Martin Now!!! Just click Consultations at the top or bottom of any page. Comprehensive Session is the highlight of all my services. It may include:. All recordings are done in the Windows Format or by request for Mac and then emailed to you through the Hightail 7-day File Service. AstroCartoGraphy is very birth hour sensitive, ask about rectification for unknown birth hours.

Driving directions in Arizona, map or Skype address will be emailed, by request, if applicable. You must have an open, valid account in order to have your appointment confirmed. To create a new account use the PayPal button below or call and leave a message with your time zone, the best hour and phone number to reach you.

Free Astrology Lessons for Beginners

Please scroll down for policies before scheduling. E-Checks are not accepted. All appointments are in person, phone or Video Skype. But, Larry! Mention your question or topic selection on your Schedule Form Request. Schedule Appointment. Make sure your appointment is secured through your package paid account, PayPal or major credit card at least 48 hours in advance. Make sure to note that unpaid reservations can only be held 48 business hours; this includes new accounts and older accounts without a balance. Select either Minutes or Hours. Minutes Package is minutes to use or gift a 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions — your choice!

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Buy The Miracle Minutes Package. Buy The Session Package. A Pack of Three 60 min. This full report is at One Low Price now through December 1, , but will be a subscription in the future :. This report also covers the move to the Gold Standard. Bring the stars to your e-mailbox. Get news on planetary movement and advice on how to strategize each month.

Click the link here to read up on how payments and packages work. For example, I may inform you that IF you were born in the morning, this is the interpretation. If you were born in the evening, this is how it would change. For a limited time, I will rectify your birth time using JigSaw 2 software to reverse engineer your chart.

Advanced Astrology... for beginners: part 3 (Astrological Transits)

How is that done? JigSaw 2 helps to calculate every event into a database that figures out what time you MUST have been born in order for those events to have happened. It does not matter if your birth certificate is missing OR if you were born in a country that never recorded your birth or birth day! Write this down…the procedure for this accomplishment is important.

We need to schedule a half hour to converse these life events. Younger siblings, residential changes, illnesses, surgeries, accidents, parental events…whatever jumps out of your memory. You need to recall these events and when they happened to as an exact age or date as possible. A memory without your age, year or date is unhelpful. Locations of where events occurred are essential. Expect business hours before I can call you back with your birth time. This excludes time zone differences, already scheduled appointments, American holidays and travel. I would not be able to get back to you until Sep 3 after I return home.

Check with the Events page if time is of the essence. This created hundreds of thousands of birth times recorded as 7am, instead of other times during the night.

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When time is of the essence, you can have an appointment within business days, excluding holidays, expositions, conferences and scheduled travel dates see Events. Great astrological timing helps you through any important time. Read the below criteria prior to ordering. For the Highest Priority Account, I only ask for three criteria… 1. You are already an established client — means that you have already had a Comprehensive Session within the last 3 years. There are never any refunds under any circumstances, and only Only upon my approval may grant a credit of my choosing towards future services or other compensation for scheduling later than your request.

Would you like to purchase an Urgent Account? This is where you have 3 such calls available that meet all the above criteria at a discount from ordering the three sessions individually. Most sessions are too long for car stereo playback. If using a Mac or Windows 7, 8.

advanced astrology for beginners Advanced astrology for beginners
advanced astrology for beginners Advanced astrology for beginners
advanced astrology for beginners Advanced astrology for beginners
advanced astrology for beginners Advanced astrology for beginners
advanced astrology for beginners Advanced astrology for beginners

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