Karaka planets in astrology

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That means the native's wealth, family and speech is controlled by the condition of the sun, However, Jupiter is the karaka or the significator of the 2nd house. This means, even though Sun might be well placed, if Jupiter is not in a good position in this horoscope, then wealth, family and speech could suffer or will give average result, Whenever you are trying judge the condition of the 2nd house, don't just look at the lord of the 2nd house, unless it's Jupiter himself, but also look at the placement and condition of Jupiter who is the karaka of the 2nd house.

Anytime you want to look at someone's marriage, don't just look at the 7th house but also look at Venus.


This often leads to fights in relationship at work, selfish partners, aggression and disputes and reproductive problems. It produces practical business people who are loyal and dutiful in partnerships. This position creates selfishness, depression, isolation and slow physical development and low self-esteem. Jupiter has dig bala and does best in the 1st house where wisdom, joy and generosity create great status and generosity and luck with children, wealthy and good coaches and teachers.

Importance of Karaka or Significators in Astrology

It leads to low energy and poor attention, boredom, lack of resources and poor attention to detail. Mercury here is conscientious, principled, ethical, good at speech and math and writing.

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Mercury does worse in the 7th house or the 4th house. It also makes one too critical of partners and does not allow love to flow smoothly. Sixth house is the house of celibacy and Venus is more at home in its sexual energy and this leads to problems.

It is a schemer here holding onto private bizarre philosophies rather than embracing the traditional. Hence the Ruler of the Libra sign becomes the Lord of the Ascendant. In the Above Example.

Secrets of Yogakaraka Planets (for every planet) - Astrology Basics 97

Taurus and Libra so for all the. This covers the 4 Pairs i.

Once we know the Lords of the Axis next thing we have to do is to look for the Lords placement and their co relation with each Other along with the dignity and the houses they occupy. Lets overstand this through following example. Mars and Venus in the Horoscope are not Placed in the Dushtana house 6 8 and 12 th house or not 6 ,8 or 12 houses away from each other.. Venus is the Karaka for Marriage. Important Houses to Look for Timing of Marriage.

Nadi Astrology – Karakatwas

So this is the Family of your Spouse. So this is the House of your In-Laws.

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And Has to be considered while calculating the Timing of Marriage.

karaka planets in astrology Karaka planets in astrology
karaka planets in astrology Karaka planets in astrology
karaka planets in astrology Karaka planets in astrology
karaka planets in astrology Karaka planets in astrology
karaka planets in astrology Karaka planets in astrology

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