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Being the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra represents friendship, partnership, and fairness.

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If you are born on September 23d-October 22nd, you are very diplomatic, fair, and love harmony more than anything else. You seek justice and equality for all people and are strongly against injustice, lying, and people with bad intentions. Relationships and the notion of equality are the primary lessons that Libra people are here to promote. Because of that, many Librans tend to be very sociable people and therefore quite likable. Libras are considered to be very physically attractive people and kind souls which makes them a very desirable partner or friend to have.

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These people simply love to be in love and really thrive in relationships. They really go out of their way to make their partner comfortable, cared for, loved, and they are known as peace makers. Why Libras love being in relationships is because it provides them additional balance. If Libras are not in a relationship, they have really close friends and you rarely find them on their own. This is where balance is important. It is great to enjoy yourself, but be careful not to go into overspending and careless attitude towards money.

Libras love to shop and this is where some constraint is needed in order not to go overboard. So balance your money wisely! Libra is also what is called an air sign and those signs operate primarily in the mind and are objective so they have that capacity to see others as equals which is a very desirable trait. Of course, there is a shadow to everything and one of the negative traits that Librans might have is passive aggressive behavior because if you strive to be nice all the time and not say anything bad to anyone, which results in trying to hide the anger.

Another challenging Libra trait is indecisiveness.

The scales of the Libra represents the weighing which has to do with fairness, justice, and objectivity, which is definitely positive, but at its worst, it can have to do with the inability to make or stick to a decision. With that being said, Libras tend to step back from such a situation and analyze it before they come to a conclusion.

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Overall, this is a very interesting sing of the zodiac which has many positive traits and some things to work on, like all the signs. If you want to delve deeper into your zodiac and discover your birthstone and color, the following information might be of great interest to you. Each zodiac has many different birthstones and all of them are important and carry valuable information and meaning.

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These stones can also help to balance out some of the more negative Libran traits and boost the positive ones. They go well with only Libras as their interests seem to match so well.

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They are so gracious compared to other people. Libras are social but they step back when they feel discomfort with anyone in their life. Libras are so expressive and get attracted to other people very early. They avoid the things before they happen which may cause in disappointment later.

They give equal importance to both personal and social life. Libras love to spend time outdoors than indoors. Diamond, Sapphire, Turquoise and Emerald are the lucky stones of them. Jade green and Blue are the lucky colors.

Tuesday, October 8, Have fun with the zodiac signs and meanings below listed. Use them as a basic guide to help you understand the various personalities of the people in your life. But please, this is only a guide — I encourage you to study further and continue to gather your own knowledge on the fascinating subject of astrology. Learn more about zodiac signs and symbol meanings here. Please enjoy this chart for zodiac sign dates, symbols and meanings. Each sign has unique elements that influences that sign. For example, Aries is governed by fire and the planet Mars — whereas Aquarius is governed by the element of air, and is ruled by the planet Uranus.

Find out more about zodiac sign dates and influences here.

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June 14, June 14, March 19, March 19, March 12, March 12, Skip to content. Zodiac Symbols For Libra. Zodiac Symbols for Libra Charming, harmonious and filled to the brim with energy. Libra Zodiac Symbols and Sign Meanings. Elemental Zodiac Symbol for Libra Air: Air is symbolic of a lot of things: The unseen, communication, subtle power to name a few. Flowers as Zodiac Symbols for Libra Rose: Intoxicating, mysterious, passionate…the rose stands for all of these things, and so too does Libra.

Stones as Zodiac Symbols for Libra Opal: Opals are symbolic of creativity, inspiration and expression….

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Thanks for reading about the fascinating realm of zodiac symbols for Libra. Avia's Recommended Products from Amazon. Zodiac Sign Dates Please enjoy this chart for zodiac sign dates, symbols and meanings. You May Also Like Animal Symbolism Gorilla. Animal Symbolism Hedgehog. Animal Symbolism Koi.

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